More taxes? Reform thyself first please.

The Peninsula School Board, District 401 in Western Washington State, is putting a $50,000,000 levy on the November, 2013 ballot.  If the Levy passes, this will be a nearly nearly 60% increase in the school portion of your property taxes.  The tax effect on a home with a 250,000 assesment will be an increase of $348/year – on top of the current $3,031/year – for four years, assuming the District wouldn’t attempt another levy after this one expires.  The levy is intended to provide, according to District 401’s presentations, new schools and remodeling of existing facilities.  My opposition boils down to three points.

One:  This request is being conducted as a levy, not a bond issue.  Levies are customarily dedicated to ongoing operations expenditures, bonds are normally dedicated towards capital improvements: i.e. buildings, roads, bridges, etc.  Levies by state law are limited to four years in duration.  This levy would have trouble meeting the typical justification for a bond issue since not all, and maybe none of the proceeds, would be used for new construction.  A bond issue requires 60% to pass.  The levy proposal requires only 50% + 1, a slim requirement for allowing an extraction of $50M dollars from our struggling local economy.  And this doesn’t include economically regressive ripple effects caused by the hit on small businesses and consumer spending power.  Quoting famous economist Milton Friedman: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

Two:  Wording in the resolution says the School District can use their own discretion to not spend levy proceeds on construction and remodeling improvements if the original intent “is deemed impractical”.  Would the $50,000,000 then go just to ongoing maintenance and/or remodeling?  Given the wording, the school board has recourse to spend these funds without any significant restraint.  Another statement says that the district “could receive funds from the State…” to complete the project.  If state funding isn’t approved, again this could be recourse for the school board to spend levy proceeds in ways other than new construction.

Last but not least:  Government entities, from a school board to Congress have no profit motive, unlike the private sector who’s survival requires profit.  Therefore, other incentives and techniques should be applied to make sure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.  Have our local and state agencies ever considered adopting groundbreaking management and efficiency models; e.g., Peter Drucker’s classical tenants of organizational efficiency, Management By Objective’s result-oriented management processes, Total Quality Management’s continuous product improvement, The Air Force’s Performance Management Program, Six Sigma’s process improvement strategies, or Lean Management techniques?

Our new Democrat governor professes a desire to integrate these private industry Lean Management techniques.  Was the 2012 $80,000,000 levy spent using efficiency-optimizing techniques?  A School Board reply to a request by our local Citizens for Responsible School Spending Committee, asking about adoption of this technique, indicated there has been no such implementation, and whoever answered the inquiry indicated he or she didn’t know what it meant.

What incentives exist for meeting goals by under-spending a budget?  Why aren’t budgets tied to a population increase x CPI multiplier?  How about teacher pay for performance vs. seniority?  Have alternate facilities or leasebacks been considered?  This project will pay prevailing wages (meaning union negotiated wage rates), meaning $35-hour flaggers and $41-hour drywall tapers at journeyman rates.  (Out of your pocket.)  Really?  My wife is an RN and after 42 years of civilian and military nursing floor and administrative nursing experience makes about $55 hour.

Start to manage government like a business, get public pensions under control, repeal the prevailing wage, reduce unnecessary and capricious regulations and union contracts, and get the public sector out of anything that isn’t in the Yellow Pages, and I’ll consider voting for a tax increase.  Let’s work on spending our existing budgets efficiently, instead of continually asking taxpayers for more without instituting common sense free market principles.

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Musings, Quotes, and Observations on a conservative argument

Musings, quotes and observations: how to debate your liberal friends.  A collection of quick and descriptive concepts.  Some quoted, some from unremembered authors, and some just floating around out there

We’re robbing selective Peter to pay for collective Paul

Individual rights are what we need to mobilize all the knowledge it takes to run a successful society- William Easterly

Democracy is the institutional building of freedom and the institutional building of the rule of law- Condi Rice

If the US stops attempting to influence the direction of liberty and dictatorial cultures and governments, then one of two things will happen: chaos, or someone else (China, Russia, an Islamic Caliphate) will take our place.  This has been relegated to us from Britain- Condi Rice

The costs of federal spending are diffused throughout the population so no one has an incentive to push back.  So therefore the greater federal spending becomes- Larry Arnn interviewed on the Hoover Institution’s “Uncommon Knowledge” podcast

Protecting the equal and inalienable rights of people is the government’s primary responsibility- Larry Arnn

The modern bureaucracy is NOT a disinterested/unbiased/neutral organization.  As in self-interested, self-perpetuating, and self-justifying

Originalist interpretation of the Constitution.  Two ways of looking at it:

–      What the founders intentions were

–      What the original public meaning was

 Your representative [congressman] owes you not his industry but his judgment- Edmond Burke

John Taylor from his book First Principles:

  • Predictable policy framework

  • Rule of Law

  • Strong incentives

  • Reliance on Markets

  • Clearly limited role for government


“Is there no word in English [coming from a German elite] for gelehrt [cultivated]?” “Oh yes [from a Brit], we call it a prig.”

“There is no power but the State and the State can’t sin when following it’s own higher interests.”- Descriptive statement of how Central Planners think

Mediocre souls trapped in material enjoyments will readily trade their political liberty for peace and security in those enjoyments

In reaction, they withdraw from the public, forgetting they are citizens, and concentrate their lives on family, friends, and themselves. Losing sight of the public, they become oblivious to any distant goal and welcome the benevolent aid of big government, “the immense being”, that acts on their behalf with their passive consent because it knows better and offers to take over responsibility for the trouble of thinking and the pain of living”- D’Tocqueville

 Religion combats the shortsightedness and fecklessness of democracy, and gives it something to be proud of, above the mediocrity of material enjoyments. D’Tocqueville

 The scientific materialism that deprives citizens of their belief in the possibility of self-government is used to justify instead, the rational control of citizens by experts with knowledge of such science”. D’Tocqueville

Legal positivism definition: Judicial opinions based on the utilitarian authority of the govt. vs. constitutional originalism

These proceedings may at first appear strange and difficult; but, like all other steps which we have already passed over, will in a little time become familiar and agreeable; and, until an independence is declared, the continent will feel itself like a man who continues putting off some unpleasant business from day to day, yet knows it must be done, hates to set about it, wishes it over, and is continually haunted with the thoughts of its necessity-  Thomas Paine, last sentence of “Common Sense”

Our country’s stumbles are the result of human frailty, not a crack in our foundation of inalienable rights and our bedrock of constitutional republican government

State planners always plan for the result they would most like to see, not the one that is most likely to happen.– Friedrich Hayek

We are objects of liberals enlightened interest; then their pity; then their wisdom, then their coercion

Something destructive at its core can’t be fixed at its margins

Property, prices and prof/loss = incentives, information, and innovation. – Ludwig Von Misis.

Liberalism = something between defective temperament and malign intent

WA State income tax failed: People understand wealth destruction = job destruction. Also, they don’t believe they won’t be subject to the tax in the near future

Welfare programs are the oxygen that fuels social pathologies.

Needs morph into rights

Egalitarianism sounds warm and fuzzy but it ain’t necessarily so

NAZI = National Socialist Worker’s Party.  The left throws out this word all the time, but there is not a modicum of difference between the NAZI party and the Soviet Union re: genocide, central planning and authoritarianism

Freedom means the freedom to be unhappy as well

A civilization that feels guilty for defending everything it sees and does lacks the conviction to defend itself.  Blame America first

The Yellow Pages test.  Anything in the Yellow Pages has no business being administered by government

The control of production means the creation of privilege

Liberals’ four states of conservative theory acceptance (when a liberal is forced to admit a conservative theory is proven correct)

1. This is worthless nonsense

2. This is interesting but perverse

3. This is true but quite unimportant

4. I always said so

(As in Bill Clinton‘s statement that “The era of big government is over”.)

Promote vs. provide the general welfare. Not as in provide for the common defense

The Supreme Court thinks that California’s attempt to limit welfare payments to new residents is a violation of the 14th Amendment Privileges and Immunities clause, as in limiting welfare payments limits someone’s right to travel.  How bizarre

A study of math skills showed Koreans first and Americans last. But when asked if you consider yourself “good at math”, only 23% of Koreans said they did, but 66% of Americans said they did. Thank you Democrats for instilling self-esteem in our students

Nothing is more guaranteed to attract govt. money than repeated failure

In the “decade of greed/1980s”, charitable giving grew at an annual rate 55% faster than the rate at which it had grown over the previous twenty-five years

Today, wanting someone else’s money is called need, wanting to keep your own money is called greed, and compassion is when politicians arrange the transfer-  Joe Sobran

The MSM newsrooms are filled with those insulated from what is considered common knowledge by those reading the WSJ and other conservative media sources. Therefore the ethos self perpetuates

Where there is a crowd there is untruth- Kierkegaard

Dystopian. No dictionary definition. Means the opposite of utopian.  See Mark Levin’s new book

One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors- Plato

A lie will go around the world while the truth is still putting its boots on

The constitution stands for fixed principles, a gift from the founding fathers. Legislators, as stated by Lincoln, must look backwards, not forwards for guidance. Lincoln was wary of what he called “progress in govt.” I would call this an anti-progressive explanation of conservative (and by inference) constitutional principles.  The Democrat party/liberal alliance views constitutional principals as quaint and out of touch with progressive legislators’ superior abilities to socially engineer society for an entitlement addicted class dependent on the largess of  “forward looking” progressives

Secular Humanism is blind to the concept that there just might be something greater than us out there

Conservatives must wander somewhere between the ideal and the prudential- William F. Buckley

Free markets, property rights and enforceable contracts will always be at the tip of the spear of prosperity

The “Prohibitive precautionary principle”: An excuse to regulate based on the “just in case concept”, without regard to unintended consequences. A philosophy institutionalizing problems that might otherwise be transcended by time if just left alone

“The gifts of heaven are legitimate. The gifts of the state are suspect”- Andrew Jackson

Classical liberalism (as opposed to the current meaning of liberalism) stands as a corrective to utopian arrogance

Conservative ideology bears antipathy towards state sanctioned privilege

Milton Friedman MCs the 26th Legislative District Kilmer-Driscoll debates. Driscoll extolls the benefits of an economy unfettered by debt and restrictive drilling policies. Sen. Kilmer announces his ability to micromanage our economy via his ability to manipulate and micromanage every possible sub-sector, while completely divorced from any visibility on infinitely complex daily price signals occurring at the rate of about 10B per sec. All while standing on one leg and juggling.

Last Friday night at the Gig Harbor, WA Peninsula High School, 6th Congressional District candidates Bill Driscoll-R and Derek Kilmer-D debated, fielding questions from former County Councilman Terry Lee, Gateway and Puyallup Herald editor Brian McClean, and former GH City Council member Bob Dick.  

State Sen. Kilmer argued that allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire would raise 1 trillion dollars, equivocated on Keystone Pipeline construction, attributed the 1990s economy to Clinton’s fiscal policies, and employed the oft-used non sequitur “government investment”.

Regarding tax cuts, the 1 trillion-dollar increase in revenues is based on a “zero sum assumption”.  Meaning taking 1 trillion dollars away from “the rich” – a populist pejorative – will result in no offsetting decrease in spending and hiring by many of those small business owners passing through business profits to their 1040s.  Democrats’ proposals to raise taxes on these households, not accounting for the negative effects on revenue and employment, would cover about 1.1% of the national debt.  Only a middle class tax hike will produce their desired results.  The middle class is seeing annual $4,520 decreases in income and $2,500 increases in health care premiums.  In the debate Sen. Kilmer praised forcing insurance companies to insure 26-year-old dependents.  This is a prescription for higher premiums.  (He also bemoaned the loss of forestry jobs when he lived in Pt. Angeles, ignoring his party’s deference to the environmental lobby that precipitated this tragic blow to Olympic Peninsula employment.)

Regarding Sen. Kilmer’s equivocation on the Keystone Pipeline, even the current State Department (approval is needed due to the Canadian border crossing) could not show potential hazardous consequences.  The pipeline might go to the B.C. coast instead of Louisiana, the oil ending up in China instead as candidate Driscoll said, should Sen. Kilmer and his party prevail on Nov 6th.  Sen. Kilmer also demurs to the anti-domestic-energy lobby about developing our recently discovered, poorly utilized vast resources of oil and natural gas, e.g. the Marcellus and Permian Basin formations.  Estimates show 100+ years of gas resources, including a shift to a net energy export.  Any extraction increases have been on private and non-federally controlled land.  Current drilling on Federal land operates under Bush-era permits.  I assume Sen. Kilmer would support the administration’s policies denying and reducing permits?

Regarding Sen. Kilmer’s admiration for the Clinton era, the deficit improved only after the Republicans retook congress in 1994 and forced conservative fiscal policies like capital gains cuts and welfare reform, which Pres. Clinton signed only due to the pending election.  A briefly balanced budget resulted from this action, as well as from Clinton’s defense and intelligence cuts, and also from capital gains influxes due to the brief Internet day-trading craze, which then crashed.

Pres. Bush’s deficits, which I wasn’t pleased with but which were mostly wartime vs. entitlement caused (and the market based therefore under budget Medicare Part D prescription drug program), decreased to 162B after his tax cuts.  Following the Democrats’ 2006 congressional takeover, it increased to 450B.  Since 2008, we’re at annual deficits of about 1.3 trillion a year.  Even the current Senate majority refuses to pass the White House’s budget proposals.

Regarding Sen. Kilmer’s favored term “government investment”, transfer payments aren’t, as economist Milton Friedman said a free lunch.  Top-down central planning invariably results in misallocation of resources and quid pro quo distribution to unions, and to business via crony capitalism.  Not to mention budgetary sinkholes like light rail and alternative energy, which lack science-based and cost-effectiveness-based justification.

The marketplace, via billions of daily price signals, is the only practical method of resource allocation.  It’s impossible for government bureaucracies (or the most powerful supercomputer) to react to these infinite price signals.  Nor do these officialdoms have a profit-motivated incentive to do so, given never-ending taxpayer subsidies supporting this vicious cycle of damaging economic manipulation.

For our local politicians like Sen. Kilmer who think regulations such as the 9,000 page Dodd-Frank Act are required interventions, please investigate the root causes of this recession.  The Community Reinvestment Act, created under Carter and accelerated under Clinton, sought to guarantee home ownership regardless of creditworthiness.  This, combined with Fed’s then (as now) low-interest rate policy, and the creation of a secondary market for collateralized mortgages by government-created (and taxpayer-bailed out) entities like Fannie Mae, created the perfect storm that caused this recession.

Misguided government attempts to efficiently allocate resources fuel the self-fulfilling natural expansion of these bureaucracies.  This is why famous economist Friedrich Hayek wrote The Road to Serfdom.  Hayek’s last book The Fatal Conceit, also illustrates Sen. Kilmer and his party’s conviction in government’s ability to pick winners and losers in the marketplace.

“Government investment” is an oxymoron. 

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Intelligent Design

Atheism, Deism, Naturalism, Panthesim, Theism, or what?………..

Although Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” was published in the century after the Constitution, with its emphasis on John Locke’s Natural Rights, its publication continues to ignite inspired debates on the nature of creation, not to mention the origin of the universe. Although this article differs from my polemics on the current administration and a few historical economists, I believe the Founding Fathers would have had much to say on this issue should they have been magically transported into modern times.


Creationism, evolution, or an alternative?

Running a searches on local and national newspapers and other media on captured countless hits for “religion”, “faith”, and “secular”, obviously a continuing theme. The Seattle Discovery issue addresses the Intelligent Design (ID) issue extensively.

Archived letters and articles I dug up in my search ranged from widespread condemnation of religious belief, to advocacy of biblically defined creationism.

Most ply one side of the ideological chasm between creationism and the secular majority view of evolution. Creationists believe in a strict biblical interpretation of Time’s opening act, while secularists insist on strict procedural study of biology and physics.

Pure biblical creationism doesn’t pretend to meet the modern definition of methodical inquiry- it’s deliberately based on faith. However, the secular scientific conventional wisdom on the creation of the universe and biological evolution also can fail to meet a logical test. ID is a third alternative.

Briefly, ID is defined as an intelligence-directed evolution acknowledging the march of life in its ever-increasing complexity and endless variegation. But ID also is a foundation for explaining how our universe came to support life in the first place, which in the final analysis cannot exist without intelligence outside of known space and time.

ID recognizes that the genetic code in our DNA is a repository of information; “information” being key, and the key concept being information always arises from intelligence. Given this understanding, Darwin himself employed the technique of figuring out what happened in the past by analyzing what’s happening now (DNA in its current evolutionary state), like reverse engineering: taking something apart to see how it’s built: similar to linear regression for you math minded types.

Evolution, increasing in complexity and information from the time the first molecule “built itself”, goes against the concept of natural decay, or entropy. The natural order of life is entropic, the opposite of a net gain in complexity, complexity being impossible without the addition of more energy. For example, a leaf on the sidewalk will not spring into ever more complex forms of life; on the contrary, during the process of entropy it gradually and naturally declines and its component chemicals dissipating into entropic energy. The evolution of coded information – the opposite of entropy – implies a beginning, or original source.

ID also advocates for an intelligently guided process prior to the universe’s creation- the big bang, also known as the singularity. (This being a tiny point of infinite density before known space and time, implying that a creative-intelligence existed prior.) There are several reasons why. The structure of our universe described by Einstein and others is infinitely curved and small; intelligent intervention is therefore necessarily required for matter to exist under these conditions. Additionally the anthropic principle, first introduced by physicist Fred Hoyle, means that fine-tuning of physics by an intelligent source is the only explanation for the perfect conditions that exist in our universe allowing life to develop.

These perfect conditions are byproduct of the perfect balance of several forces that govern the universe: gravity, the strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism, and gravity. Gravity for example, is balanced exactly strong enough to allow matter to coalesce into stars, and exactly weak enough to keep stars from burning out before planets can coalesce. For the universe to be configured this way, against monumental odds, requires if not a belief in ID, then necessarily a belief in multiple parallel universes (part of what physicists call M-Theory). Only this explanation of multiple/infinite universes; other than our most unlikely fine-tuned cosmos, would allow for such an incredibly friendly habitable environment. Therefore denying both ID and parallel universes invites a difficult contradiction.

One physicist, Dr. Stephen Meyer, (associated with Seattle’s Discovery Institute and interviewed by David Bose), identifies several world/theological views, which address the possibility of an ultimate creator who kick-started the universe and guided evolution.

Materialism/Naturalism. This view states that matter and energy are the substances everything comes from. There is nothing beyond the physical world, the laws of nature are supreme, and there is no purpose for the universe. This worldview does not explain the increasing complexity of coded information like DNA, nor does it answer the question of the perfect balance of forces required for life.

Deism/Agnosticism. There is a God that created the universe and the conditions that allow for intelligent life, however this God is unknowable, and has long since “checked out”, and left us on our own. This worldview also doesn’t answer the above questions.

Theism. This is the religious worldview most in conformity with ID. There is a God- the ultimate intelligence that created our universe and the unique conditions allowing for life. God built in the capacity to pass down genetic information through millennia, and periodically intervenes as an agent of order and creation. Examples of the latter include the Cambrian and Marine Mesozoic explosions of life (information), which occurred in very narrow geological bands, negating the Darwinian view of gradual evolution through the natural trial and error of accidental chromosomal mutation. This worldview does although, fall short of a God that “personally” intervenes in our lives.

Even Dr. Michio Kaku, a world famous Theoretical Physicist, no fan of theological principle, postulates that the reason a subatomic particle exists simultaneously as a wave, and then as a particle when being observed, may be because its very existence depends on this observation, otherwise its component matter might just “blink out”. “You observe me, therefore I am.”

To paraphrase Dr. Meyer: “maybe the subconscious fear of the lay scientific community, is this: As they climb the steep mountain of scientific inquiry, while in search of the ultimate secular scientific answer to the birth of the universe and life, that they’ll finally reach the top and discover sitting and staring at them: a creator. Kind of makes you want to go hmmm.

Welcome to the Liberty thru Knowledge Blog. How would Hayek, Jefferson, Friedman, Washington, Von Misis, Adam Smith and others react to our current political climate?


Adam Smith, author: “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” and “The Wealth of Nations”

Appointing department heads with rule making power ignoring constitutional law regarding when the Senate is or is not in session. What’s next?

Maybe abrogating the rule of bankruptcy law for Chrysler bondholders?

Maybe taking over the student loan program?

Maybe dictating what kind of cars Detroit has to build?

Maybe hiring a self-described 911 Truther and self-described member of the Communist Party as a rule making czar for “green jobs”?

Maybe forcing a thousand-plus page bill through congress without letting Representatives read the bills, resulting in a board of approximately 15 people in charge of the country’s medical decisions instead of your doctor?

Maybe cutting out huge swaths of the military budget without mention of cutting other discretionary spending? 

Maybe a Dodd/Frank financial bill so ambiguous that another unelected board of self-described policy experts using their self-created scientific methods will control our financial system without a peep of input from the end users? And those end users would be industries like heavy manufacturing that now have to use the same leverage/reserve requirements to buy steel contracts that large brokerages do?

Maybe pressuring the President of S&P to resign because you don’t like the downgrade of your poorly managed fiscal policy?

Maybe creating an unheard of position called regulatory czar manned by one Cass Sunstein, a self-described mastermind who thinks he can coalesce millions of wage and price signals to micromanage every aspect of a multi-trillion dollar economy. (While he’s busy insisting that a horse should have counsel in a court of law.) Mr. Hayek, we’ll need you to join us here via my time machine to quickly help us with this one.

Maybe hiring a czar who identifies as her inspiration two people: Mother Teresa… good so far… and then Mao Tse-Tung: a genocidal maniac responsible for the murder of over 50 million people (at least).

Oh wait! Sorry Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Bastiat, and Mr. Madison, we’ve actually done this!

Please see my previous post below on a workable time machine so you and your compatriots can join us here again in 2012 and give us some sage advice. We’ll have the receiving transporter set up for your arrival through the wormhole at the next Gig Harbor Republican Women meeting. Mead, whiskey, venison, and hasty pudding will be provided.

The protestors outside will want to take your farthings and Golden Eagles to pay for their demonstration complaining about the need for more spotted owls. WA state 26th LD Representative Larry Seaquist, as per his comment at the recent Chamber of Commerce meeting at Tacoma Community College about proposing start up of a new CCC and WPA, will lobby to have the entire town of Forks, WA march out and light up the Olympics with sustainable fluorescent lights. (Including, for the poisonous mercury, a chemical capture facility installed in the Hoh Rain Forest Visitors’ Center.) This new government WPA should more than make up for all the lost logging jobs. 

Don’t worry, after your concern precipitated by viewing our master planned futuristic society, I’ll take you out to the Tide’s Tavern for a sarsaparilla or Scottish whiskey.

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Adam Smith, Frederic Bastiat, and Friedrich Hayek Join Us Through a Time Machine

A Machine called

Our Last Chance

Major scientific break though just announced. Advances in quantum physics have allowed visitors from the past. The first three, after exiting a time machine, spent a few weeks touring the U.S.  All, after revealing much disappointment, unanimously decided to run for Tacoma area political offices.

Friedrich Hayek – economist and social theorist, 1899-1992 – first out of the time machine (nicknamed by prankster inventor Our Last Chance) has announced a run for a 26th District Legislative seat, under his newly formed party, the Decentralists. He will be debating his opponent – allied with the new CentralPlannerist party – at Artondale Elementary School Saturday night.

A flyer Hayek’s volunteers are passing out at Ace Hardware, quotes Friedrich: “The problem of economic order is determined by the fact that the knowledge of what we must make use of exists as dispersed bits of incomplete and frequently contradictory information.”

Hayek told the Tacoma News Tribune science reporter, he implores us to learn from the past.  We should understand from his quote, that it is impossible for government legume quantifiers to efficiently glean vast amounts of conflicting economic data, in order to make rational decisions regarding picking winners and losers in the market place. He indicated shock, when he heard about the bail out of GM, vs. the proposed but tabled “cash for cluckers” chicken farm bailout. Mr. Hayek insisted to the reporter , that money injected into the economy through tax cuts is better directed by individuals reacting to natural market forces, than by the CentralPlannerist Party’s stimulus. His campaign sign maker, Milton F., also pointed out that unbridled entrepreneurship (until 2009) allowed inventions like the transistor, major medical breakthroughs, and the Internet.

Emerging from Our Last Chance behind Hayek, Frederic Bastiat – hailing from the French Liberal School of Economics, 1801-1850 – additionally expressing disappointment after his tour, has decided to run for the Tacoma City Council. Joining the Decentralist Party also, Frederic’s campaign is titled “Hands Off My Business”, reminding us of the futility of government attempts to kindle growth by selective stimulus in 19th century France.

Bastiat’s campaign literature paraphrases a whimsical story he wrote about a fictitious petition to the French government in 1845: “To the Honourable Members of the Chamber of Deputies.  I present a petition from the Manufacturers of Candles. What they pray for is that it may please you to pass a law ordering the shutting up of all windows and skylights, by or through which the light of the sun has been in use to enter houses.”

This tongue-in-cheek parable suggests that if the government bans windows, then British candle makers (very overcast there) wouldn’t have an unfair advantage due to the fact sunlight enters through the candle maker’s windows in sunny France and melts their wax!  Frederick will explain at the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce, that the moral of the story is that the unintended dire consequences of protectionism to Tacoma window makers and their suppliers, will outweigh any advantage to the economy by a betterment of local area candle makers’ circumstances.

The flyer also illustrates CentralPlannerist Party efforts to ban the entry of 95 trucks into the U.S. from Mexico, to save a few union-trucking jobs. This to the possible detriment of countless jobs in the U.S. to include local Washington State wine and apple exports due to retaliatory tariffs.

The last candidate to join us via the space-time continuum through Our Last Chance is Adam Smith – one of the fathers of modern economics, 1723-1790. Taking a two year leave of 18th Century Scotland, Dr. Smith will run for Tacoma’s 6th Congressional District seat. His guineas being refused by all the local banks, in the neighboring city of Gig Harbor, the Gig Harbor Decentralist Women’s Club will be throwing a fundraiser and auction for him at Jerisch Park on Monday.

The fundraiser’s theme will be one of Adam’s 18th century quotes: “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard [for their] their own interest”. A local caterer serving venison, sarsaparilla, and loaves, will provide lunch at competitive cost. An insider in Tacoma area food services, leaked the rumor that the caterer is not benevolent, but only concerned about maximizing her profit by insuring quality. (Also whispered is that picketing CentralPlannerists will be objecting to their lack of entitlement to great catering at their desired cost, and will be petitioning the Tacoma City Council to set maximum catering prices.)

The MC, George Washington, also with us (inadvertently sucked into the wormhole), unfortunately can’t stay long as he has an urgent meeting in Yorktown.  George will open the event with one of his quotes: “A people… who are possessed of the spirit of commerce, who see and who will pursue their advantages may achieve almost anything.”  Miles Standish, sucked into the wormhole along with George thanks to the properties of String Theories 11th dimension, will present a PowerPoint lecture (weather permitting) on how Plymouth Colony was saved from starvation by eliminating collective farms, instead allowing the pilgrims to work their own fields.

Fundraiser open to the public. The Gig Harbor Decentralist Women’s Club requests volunteers bring a hasty pudding for desert.

Your most humble and obedient servant, etc, etc

Chief Time Travel Correspondent, Poor Richards Almanac

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